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Our goals and history

The Vail Real Estate Center prides itself on offering exceptional service to buyers and sellers of Vail real estate.  Our small boutique firm is big when it comes to delivering results.  Our goal is to get to know you, help you get to know Vail, and make sure you get the service you deserve.


Who are we?

In May of 2013 Gil Fancher partnered with Ted Steers to start a new full service real estate firm, the Vail Real Estate Center, offering real estate services as well as luxury vacation rentals in the heart of Vail Village. Gil and Ted have a combined 50 years in Vail, offering firsthand  knowledge, experience, and exceptional service to our clients.



We offer buyers the opportunity to get to know the Vail area like a local.  This means sharing our in-depth knowledge of the best areas and properties in the Vail Valley.  When we create a list of Vail homes for sale for your consideration we often have the ability to help you “try before you buy” through our vacation rentals.  This is a unique approach, helping you determine where you want to be and what you need and want in a home.



The Vail Real Estate Center prides itself on great service for sellers.  In addition to all the normal listing duties a REALTOR® would provide through marketing and advertising, we go a step further.  We offer a grass roots market approach to selling a Vail property listing through the personal contact of our vast vacation rental client list, giving direct exposure to people who are prospects for your listing.  In a nutshell, we know people and we have great access to a large number of vacation home buyers.


What sets the Vail Real Estate Center Apart?

We have fun with our clients!  We want to get to know you.  It is not unusual for us to take our clients or out to dinner.  We really want to show you everything Vail has to offer. We start building a relationship from the start.  After all, we both see what we do as being in the relationship building business.


For buyers who are looking for an investment property, a home to rent when not in use we implement our own unique system.  Our goal is to identify properties that feature both high revenue and low cost of ownership.  This provides  our customers the best Vail home ownership experience possible. We strive to exceed our customers expectations by offering great service, an in-depth knowledge of the Vail real estate market, and activities and events happening in Vail. You will find no better team to work with in the Vail Valley!


Vail Realtors Gil Fancher & Ted Steers

Fancher and Steers as a team, are constantly focused on becoming even more customer-centric, offering every available service to their clients while at the same time continuing to build strong relationships and creating clients for life. “We love what we do. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to have so much fun with your career. We meet the most interesting people and get to help them also enjoy the resort lifestyle offered in Vail. There’s no better feeling than helping a client find their dream vacation rental or home.”


Our success as Realtors in the Vail Valley has been great so far and we are working hard to continue building our team at the Vail Real Estate Center. We have a variety of current listings and sales that set us apart from the crowd.


If you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Vail Valley or finding out more about Gil Fancher and Ted Steers with the Vail Real Estate Center team please contact us today for a personal consultation and to find out more about our passion for Vail real estate and the Vail lifestyle.